Customer review

The following are some generous and thoughtful comments by one of our customers. So nicely written I thought I should post it here. 

“For lunch I had:

1.Sumac, za’tar roasted chicken

2.Minted orange salad with dates and almonds

3.Risotto-style barley with leek and walnuts

A delicious contrast in color! I want to take a moment to talk about presentation because that is one of the best aspects of a meal. The bright orange contrasting with the earthiness of za’tar chicken is absolutely wonderful and almost as pleasing to look at as it was to eat, almost haha. The chicken was moist and had this smokey flavor that I just can’t describe adequately in words, it is a must try! I love onions and this dish used them in just the right amount. The sweetness of the orange and the savory flavor of the chicken, were again, wonderful contrasts and complimented each other well.

Kudos,Joke & Regan, on choosing dates to go with the orange salad. When I read the description I wondered how dates and orange, which are generally two sweet fruits, would work together. The more intense sweetness of the orange was offset quite well by the more subtle sweetness of the dates. Lets just say I was pleasantly surprised! The texture was wonderful and I felt it really made the dish a winner.Throw in some mint and you’re in for a wild ride my friends!

As for the risotto style barley, we all know that it can be a tricky dish for a chef, but you would never know it in this case. The barley was cooked just right, not to soft and not to hard and just a bit sticky, yummy. I’m pretty much a fan of anything with nuts and I must say the walnuts were a great touch. They really added something to this subtle dish and I plan to make it a standard accoutrement to all my future orders.

I’ll be ordering the same combination again..and again…and again…. : )”

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