Cakes! Yes, we have cakes!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re in the cake business! Not just any cakes mind you. Once again, we believe food (and desserts!) don’t need to be full of unnecessary fillers and ingredients to be tasty.  Quality, healthful ingredients is what we aim to have our customers eating. Vegan? Allergies to eggs, nuts or dairy? We are happy and able to customize our desserts to your needs. Some of our cake and cupcake (goodness in a tiny package!)  offerings are as follows:

 Banana passionfruit cake

 Red velvet cake
 Chocolate buttermilk cake
 Ginger spongecake
 Greek yogurt cake

 Lemon poppyseed cake
 Green tea cake
 Chocolate peanut butter cake
  Mango cake
 Cardamom cake

Next time you need a special dessert for your special event, think Birds in a Row.

Telephone: 02-628-4588, email:

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