Seasonal menu (October- November)

mozzarella stuffed tomatos

Green couscous with parsley, mint, dill and other herbs
Vegetable paella with tofu
Lotus seed barley salad
Pomelo avocado watercress salad
Pear roseapple blue cheese salad
Crusted pumpkin wedges

Mains (veg):
Grilled vegetable tofu stack with balsamic and mint
‘Breakfast’ wrap with tofu tomato omelette
Spinach feta polenta ‘pizza’
Pumpkin tarragon lasagne
Falafel with tzaziki cheese sauce
Poached egg on mushroom ragout

Mains (non-veg):
Spicy mediterranean tuna salad wrap
Free-range chicken with piquant salsa verde
Chicken black bean and corn quesadilla
Grilled chicken with honey dew salsa and cilantro
Stuffed tomatos with free range beef, olives
Crepe with grilled chicken, mushrooms and blue cheese

Boxes consist of 2 combination sets:
Set A: Veg main and two side salads– 160 Baht
Set B: Non-veg main and two side salads– 180 Baht

Whole food delivery
Tel. 02.6284588 Mobile 084.5391819

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