December and January menu



 Herbed couscous with mango and squash

Green beans with mandarin orange

Grilled aubergine with ginger yoghurt dressing

Potato salad with sun dried tomatoes

Watermelon feta cheese salad

Green salad with paprika spiced quail eggs


Mains vegetarian

Tofu, shiitake mushrooms and vegetables with ginger sesame sauce

Stuffed eggplant with parmesan cheese

Baked eggs in tomato spinach sauce

Tofu cauliflower fritters with wasabi tahini sauce

Butternut squash broccoli cream cheese pie

Vegetarian Greek feta wrap


Mains non vegetarian

Pan-roast snapper with tahini sauce

Baked snapper aubergine rolls with olive cream cheese

Roast chicken with figs and gorgonzola

Herbed masala chicken wraps

Chili lime shrimp eggplant skewers

Grilled chicken with mango chutney


Boxes consist of 2 combination sets:               

Set A: Veg main and two side salads– 160 Baht

Set B: Non-veg main and two side salads– 180 Baht



Whole food delivery

Tel. 02.6284588 Mobile 084.5391819



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