Seasonal Menu- February and March



Risotto-style barley with leek and walnuts

Mango pistachio couscous

Roasted purple sweet potatoes with minted yogurt

Okra chickpea tagine

Broccoli with crunchy garlic breadcrumbs and olives

Fresh greens with carmelized almonds and organic strawberries


Mains (veg):

Roasted tofu topped with eggplant dip (Baba ganoush)

Soba noodles with zucchini and mushroom

Spinach, dill, thyme omelette with olive cheese

Melanzane (layered eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, cheeses)

Pita with scrambled eggs, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms

Grilled tofu, broccoli skewers with tamarind sauce


Mains (non-veg):

Chicken and cheese wrap with cumin sauce

Roast chicken with candied walnuts and pomegranate

Ginger chicken chickpea tagine

Morroccan snapper with black olives and almonds

Grilled Mackerel and Eggplant with Salsa Verde

Tuna pesto quesadilla

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