Seasonal Summer Menu: (May through July)

Watermelon, tomato, feta salad with basil
Baked sweet potato wedges with garlic aioli
Green salad with paprika spiced quail eggs
Brown rice pilaf with mushrooms and apricots
Lentils with cucumber-tahini salad
Mango, bean medley and cilantro salad
Couscous ‘tabouleh’ salad

Mains (veg):
Tofu scramble and cheddar cheese wrap with cumin sauce
Fried halloumi cheese, asparagus and hummus pita
Black Bean and Cilantro Quesadillas
Grilled wholewheat Veggie Tostadas with Fresh Salsa
Poached egg with asparagus on focaccia
Grilled veggie and tofu stack with balsamic and mint
Curried egg salad sandwich with pistachios and greens

Mains (non-veg):
Nutmeg sesame chicken with mango
Pork skewers with salsa verde on pita
Mushroom, cheddar pork patty melt with peas
Pan-fried snapper with green olive and raisin salsa
Roast chicken with winged beans and peanut sauce
Coconut crusted snapper with curried pumpkin seeds
‘Spicy’ chicken salad wrap with papaya and wasabi sauce

Boxes consist of 2 combination sets:                
Set A: Veg main and two side salads– 160 Baht
Set B: Non-veg main and two side salads– 180 Baht
Whole food delivery 
Tel. 02.6284588 Mobile 084.5391819

(Please call or telephone before 10am for lunch or dinner orders)

3 thoughts on “Seasonal Summer Menu: (May through July)

    • Hi Jenny,

      We’re close to the UN area (Lanluang actually) but are currently a delivery/ catering service. Restaurant to open in the same area next month? Happy to send you delivery details if interested.


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