Seven Spoons (Birds in a Row affiliated restaurant) review

Day 1 Vegetarian Thai Food: Fruit, Halloumi and Mixed Vegetables
July 1st kicks off the month long challenge of eating vegetarian food in Thailand!
Had lunch today at Seven Spoons, a soon to open restaurants specializing in organic and wholesome food.
Clockwise from top left:
  • Mushroom pasta: Without any meat, the mushroom taste was pure and accentuated – excellent!
  • Tofu and egg quesadilla: Toasted on the outside and soft on the inside, with a light and sweet tomato salsa
  • Grilled eggplant salad: Simply delicious
  • Risotto with halloumi cheese kebab: It was my first time to ever taste halloumi cheese and this version marinated in tikka sauce was superb. Halloumi is similar to a paneer cheese and remains intact even after grilling.
The food was all excellent. Look for a restaurant review with many more details to come soon.
See more of Dwight and Mark's vegetarian adventures at:

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