Five New Restaurants to Try This Weekend

Bangkok’s dining scene is always changing, that’s why BK offers you Bangkok’s best new restaurants, whether you’re into exotic fish or hearty burgers.

By Mrigaa Sethi



1. Snapper: The Cheap Charlie’s cul-de-sac on Sukhumvit Soi 11 has been seeing some new additions of late. The highlight among them, we think, is Snapper, a simple, very casual restaurant specializing in sustainably fished New Zealand seafood. Calling itself Bangkok’s first NZ restaurant, Snapper is currently doing a pretty interesting fish and chips menu, with new dishes due to be added in the weeks to come.

2. Bangkok Burger Company: For a while it seemed like Iron Fairies was the only place doing just burgers. But withe the opening of Bangkok Burger Company we have, perhaps, the first serious American-style restaurant dedicated exclusively to everyone’s favorite food. And thanks to the sheer breadth of choice and their social networking outreach, the place already has a following of meat lovers.

3. Pizzazo: Revitalizing a scant (though long-standing) dining scene on Sukhumvit Soi 16, Pizzazo takes what we love best (pastas and pizzas) and puts it in a casual, house-and-garden atmosphere, along with a few more interesting dishes for those who need more bells and whistles.

4. Seven Spoons: A little slice of inventive, modern dining just landed on a dusty, old street on the periphery of Chinatown. The folks behind Birds in a Row lunch delivery service have just started their very own restaurant in a tiny shophouse, offering a largely organic, contemporary North American menu heretofore unseen in our fair city. Just a month old, Seven Spoons is already getting busy, thanks to its interesting dishes and legions of fans.

5. Kooon: A Thai izakaya with an automated iPad ordering system has just landed in Nihonmachi (where Chinese restaurant Spring Garden once stood). It’s as bizarre as it sounds, but it’s also kind of fun. A duck larb with yakitori-style chicken skewers is not as odd a mix as you may think–and ordering with iPads is pretty addictive.

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