Emergency flood-time menu

Due to a number of requests, Birds in a Row has re-opened with an ’emergency’ temporary menu being offered for the next several weeks until the situation normalizes.

As ingredients are not abundantly available due to the circumstances, we are offering a limited number of selections as below. For the coming period we will be offering a single fresh salad option rather than the two side salad options normally provided. Vegetarian mains are 160B as usual and non-vegetarian 180B. We are happy to deliver anywhere that has not been seriously affected by the flood waters. 


1. Bagel with lox – REAL New York style bagel with tzaziki cream cheese, capers and smoked salmon with fresh salad

2. Black pepper avocado bagel – real bagel with avocado slices, grilled pepper and rocket with side of fresh salad

3. Provencal stuffed pepper –  Roast pepper stuffed with barley, carrot and zucchini served with side of fresh salad

4. Walnut mushroom tart – Delish! Walnut Portobello mushroom mix homemade tart served with fresh salad

5.  Stuffed eggplant – Grilled eggplant with free-range chicken, chickpeas and tomato eggplant

Salad options

1. Mixed greens including rocket, radicchio and romaine with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, garlic croutons with house vinaigrette

2.  Mixed greens including rocket, radicchio and romaine with cucumber, edamame, tofu and miso dressing

As always, please place your order by calling or emailing:

Mobile: 084.5391819, Tel. 02.6284588

Email: birdsinarow@windowslive.com 

We very much hope all of you are doing as well as can be expected and are staying safe. Please note that Birds in a Row will be supporting Soi Cats and Dogs (SCAD) in their efforts to rescue animals that have been left behind in the evacuations. We are happy to deliver on behalf of our customers any donations you wish to make to SCAD.

Our best wishes are with you!

Birds in a Row

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