Seasonal menu: January – March


1. Nicoise-style mixed greens with quail egg, potato, tomato, croutons and herbed vinaigrette

2. Mixed greens with corn, bacon, tomato, avocado and blue cheese dressing

3. Mixed greens with edamame beans, tomato, tofu, Japanese cucumber and miso dressing

4. Barley quinoa medley salad with carrots, cucumber, tomato, mint and parsley

5. Purple sweet potato salad dressed with mint yogurt sauce

Mains (vegetarian): 

6. Savoury grilled lentil cakes with creamed olive cheese

7. Our version of vegetarian Greek moussaka with buffalo mozzarella

8. Rustic wild mushroom walnut tart

9. Ruby-red beetroot latkes with dill cheese 

Mains (non-vegetarian):

10. Nutmeg crusted free-range chicken with mango salsa 

11. Pancetta, tomato, onion galette

12. Glorious gnocchi with herbed chicken and asparagus

13. Potato rösti with salmon, spinach and soft dill cheese

We’re finally up and running following a busy holiday season. We are now offering a single fresh (or grain-based) salad option rather than the two side salad options previously provided. Vegetarian mains are 160B as usual and non-vegetarian 180B. We will deliver free of charge within the Rattanakosin area.  

As always, please place your order by calling or emailing:

Mobile: 084.5391819, Tel. 02.6284588


Boxes consist of 2 combination sets:                
Set A: Veg main and one side salad– 160 Baht
Set B: Non-veg main and one side salad– 180 Baht
Whole food delivery
Tel. 02.6284588 Mobile 084.5391819
(Please call or telephone before 10am for lunch or dinner orders)

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