7 Divine Mouthfuls from Big Bite Bangkok

by on January 31, 2012

6789723041 edf42d6ec6 o 7 Divine Mouthfuls from Big Bite BangkokSai Oua Sausage – Big Bite Bangkok

The debut Big Bite Bangkok was truly a tasty success!

If you missed it, hopefully you can join another Big Bite Bangkok in the future! Become a ETF Facebook fan to catch this event and others.

I started the day off with a few bites of northern Thai sai oua sausage handcrafted by the Bangkok Glutton herself. It was delightful, a wonderful blend of pork and spices.

6789721711 4a7e5a473a o 7 Divine Mouthfuls from Big Bite BangkokA Taste of Sri Lanka

After visiting Sri Lanka a few months ago, I was hurting to eat some more of their glorious cuisine. Big Bite Bangkok included some awesome Sri Lankan food like the kottu and potato cutlet pictured above. It was spectacular – authentic Sri Lankan food in Bangkok!

6789724149 11bb5efddf o 7 Divine Mouthfuls from Big Bite BangkokBKK Bagel Bakery

BKK Bagel Bakery was represented by a selection of their tastiest bagels and cream cheese – the authentic taste of New York City at Big Bite Bangkok!

6789731953 b102a60a81 o 7 Divine Mouthfuls from Big Bite BangkokBirds in a Row

These peppers stuffed with lentils, spices and topped with a bit of cheese were fabulous – a healthy and delicious treat brought by Birds in a Row.

6789726727 28a178f492 o 7 Divine Mouthfuls from Big Bite BangkokAdam’s Organic

The fresh organic cherry tomatoes brought by Adam’s Organic were among my favorite snacks of the day. They were flawless, a burst of pure juicy tomatoey goodness wrapped in a thin bright red skin. Amazing!

6789725877 6ce4483371 o 7 Divine Mouthfuls from Big Bite BangkokRoast BKK

The citrus cake from Roast BKK was a sweet success. They were sugary, tart and crumbly!

6789727707 79e3330415 o 7 Divine Mouthfuls from Big Bite BangkokVietnamese & More

But those sweet bars weren’t the final thing I enjoyed tasting at Big Bite Bangkok. To end the day in style, I ordered a fantastic plate of freshly fried Vietnamese spring rolls from Vietnamese & More. They were hand rolled on site, fried and served with a tangy sweet and sour sauce!

Thanks to all vendors who participated in the event, the organizers (Dwight and Chawadee), and everyone that showed up, the first Big Bite Bangkok was a tasty success!

Dwight is going to give you the more in-depth overview of Big Big Bangkok on an article that will publish on Thursday. Make sure you stay tuned to read more!

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