Seasonal Menu October ’12 – January ’13

Polenta with basil tomato feta salad


  1. Apple, walnut mixed green salad with balsamic
  2. Spiced Russian potato salad
  3. Grilled tofu, cabbage salad with miso sesame dressing
  4. Brown rice, apricot and almond pilaf
  5. Couscous with pumpkin seeds and roasted squash

 Mains (veg):

  1. Curried pea frittata with fresh tomato chutney
  2. Polenta with basil tomato feta salad
  3. Quinoa and sweet potato cakes
  4.  Eggplant and artichoke white lasagna
  5. Ruby-red beetroot latkes with horseradish mayo

Mains (non-veg):

  1. Chipotle chicken soft tacos with house salsa
  2. California Cobb salad panini sandwiches
  3. Chorizo lentils on blini (Russian pancake)
  4. Savory pea, scallion, and pancetta tarts
  5. Conchiglie (shell) pasta with beef ragu

Healthy Dessert Option (60 baht each):

Spiced pumpkin custard

We offer combinations of one salad and one main option.  Vegetarian main combinations are 160B and non-vegetarian, 180B. We deliver free of charge within the Rattanakosin area and will deliver outside this range with delivery fee added.

As always, please place your order by calling or emailing:

Mobile: 084.5391819, Tel. 02.6284588


Boxes consist of 2 combination sets:
Set A: Veg main and one side salad– 160 Baht
Set B: Non-veg main and one side salad– 180 Baht

Whole food delivery
Tel. 02.6284588 Mobile 084.5391819

(Please call or telephone before 10am for lunch or noon for dinner orders)


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