About us

Mediterranean-influenced healthy cuisine catering to those looking for a tasty and healthy alternative to the regular fare. Our lunchbox concept provides people with meal options that are nutritious, ethical and downright delicious. Produce is sourced locally, reducing the carbon miles associated with shipping, and supports local community farmers. We use organic products in our cuisine whenever possible.
Somkiat (Joke) Pairojmahakij
The chef and mastermind at Birds in a Row Catering and Delivery and now at Seven Spoons Restaurant and Bar on Lan Luang. Joke is self-taught though he has owned several hospitality enterprises previously. He is commited to high quality food and supporting local farmers and ecology. He loves local varieties from all areas of Thailand and the local cuisine that accompanies it.
Regan Suzuki
Partner of Joke, Regan is a Canadian residing in Thailand. In addition to providing ideas on the menu and just generally getting in the way, Regan supports the communication and outreach. Regan’s day job is supporting community forestry and climate change measures in the region.
Supaporn Pairojmahakij
Sister of Joke, Supaporn has spent a number of years living and studying in Italy. She is well acquainted with Italian cuisine and is an afficianado of the Italian language. Supaporn is the main reception and communications person at Birds in a Row.

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