Birds in a Row’s delivery menu is changed seasonally (every three months) and we offer 2 possible combinations:

Set A: Vegetarian Main and two side salads – 160 Baht
Set B: Non-vegetarian Main and two side salads – 180 Baht

Place your order by 10am for lunch or dinnertime delivery. We deliver free of charge to Rattanakosin area. Outside of this area, minimum orders of five meals or payment of delivery charges apply.  All meals are delivered in biodegradable packaging.

To order, call 0845391819 or 026284588, or email us at: birdsinarow@windowslive.com.

2 thoughts on “Ordering

  1. dear madam, dear sir!

    me and my friend mrs.bauer are very interested to order at birds in a row.
    everything on the menue sounds delicious and tasteful and it is quite an interesting combination.
    we just have one question:
    is it possible to order the meal and although tables,chairs,plates and cutlery?
    we are celebrating our birthdays together on the 15th of june and we are about 100 persons (bot confirmed now,but maybe next week)!
    please let us know,because we would love to order at yours…
    best regards,
    galin nadjafi-wulff

    • Dear Galin,

      Thank you very much for the interest and enquiry. We would be pleased to help cater your birthday event. We do not normally provide tables or chairs, but cutlery and dishes are not a problem.

      Please do touch base again next week regarding confirmation and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have in the meantime.

      Best wishes,

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