Seasonal Menu August – October

Chicken with black bean puree and walnuts

Egyptian red rice and lentils
Green peas and tofu in ginger miso sauce
Okra tomato gumbo
Risotto-style barley with leek and walnuts
Apricot squash couscous
Grilled eggplant with ginger yogurt sauce
Guava roseapple blue cheese salad

Mains (veg):
Spinach sundried tomato feta frittata
Pumpkin tarragon lasagna
Grilled tofu, broccoli skewers with tamarind sauce
Tahini sumac egg salad on soy linseed bread
Roast eggplant stuffed with barley and feta
Eggs florentine on multigrain toast
Asparagus gorgonzola omelette

Mains (non-veg):
Sundried tomato pesto snapper
Gorgonzola fig sauce chicken
Pan-fried chicken with black bean puree and walnuts
Tuna cannelloni with fresh tomato sauce
Almond date dory with mint pesto
Avocado mango salad with grilled shrimp
Pomegranate tahini white snapper

Boxes consist of 2 combination sets:                 

Set A: Veg main and two side salads– 160 Baht
Set B: Non-veg main and two side salads– 180 Baht
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